Why you should buy organic seeds from local small or family owned growers.

Why buy your seed locally? Locally grown seeds are better because:

– The seeds are adapted to regional areas for success
– The seeds attract and feed local pollinators and birds
– The seeds have genetic properties to fight local disease

Why buy from small and family growers? Small and family growers are pledged to strengthen biodiversity.

– 80% of all seeds are grown by 4 mega seed companies
– Small and family growers personally grow and sell certified organic seeds
– Small and family growers insure the survival of Biodiversity of seed sources

Find organic seed companies – small and family owned – read their websites and learn about their histories and mission to provide the gardening communities with organically grown new and heirloom plant varieties – not grown by large corporate companies. Many websites have growing information and offer free downloads of books and recipes. You will meet the people behind the seeds that you plant in your garden.

There are more than 3,000 varieties of heirloom or heritage tomatoes in active cultivation worldwide and more than 15,000 known varieties. More than 42 types of pumpkins are available as well as more than 14 varieties of cucumbers from just one company.

Find the Seed List that best suits your locality, garden and family favorites. Plant something new and it might become a family favorite in the future.

All lists are free and PDF downloads are Free.2019 List – Organic seed companies in USA
2019 List – Organic seed companies in Pacific Northwest and British Columbia (PNW)
2019 List – Organic seed companies in California

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