Not For Kids Only!

Not For Kids Only!

Make a special present for a child or child-at-heart – use plastic or metal abandoned toys; trucks, doll carriages, pots or anything that will hold soil.

This truck was found in thrift shop for only $4.00.

Once cleaned up, the truck looked almost real.

Make several drainage holes in the bed of truck or base of the toy where the soil will be held. Do not use rocks or other pot scraps to cover the holes.

Prepare the soil: use potting mix specific for plants or add sand to soil to help with drainage. We are planting succulents – had extras in our garden – so we added sand for good drainage. Any small plants can be used but they should be easy to grow.

Moisten the soil well. Don’t water again until soil feels dry two inches below surface.

If using plants from your garden, remove old leaves but be careful of any white delicate roots. Cut off large roots but leave small plants attached to mother plants.

Place the plants into the soil and firmly tap down.

Carefully wash off the plants in the truck bed and be sure to clean off sides of the bed. We used a sprinkler set on light spray.

Add a favorite plastic action figure or two. I found this one at a garage sale for 10 cents.

The Truck Garden is ready for action. Be sure to stabilize the wheels if they move. We lost one truck when it rolled off a wall in a wind storm.

Please send us photos of your garden!  Send to outreach @  (remove the spaces from the email address)


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