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We are very sad to share with all our friends and visitors of the passing of Ron Sidell, our founder and heart and soul of Ophoenix. We will keep his memory alive by fulfilling his desire to reach out to every body with www.accessiblegardens.org.  ‘Helping ordinary people deal with extraordinary medical challenges.’

In Memory of Ron Sidell

Ron and Helen

Ron and Helen

Memorium for Ron Sidell

As printed in the VMC June 2019 Annual Report, Page 25


best MZM_5526Shirley Pinchev Sidell, Outreach Developer, Ophoenix, Public Benefit Corporation.

Shirley Pinchev Sidell, M.F.A.

Avid expert gardener Shirley Pinchev Sidell is called a visionary by those who know her. Combined with her Master of Fine Arts in Photography, Shirley’s passion is her garden and taking photographs of flowers and plants from garden and gardens throughout the world. She is the founder of www.biblicalgardens.com a website that was recognized as the first of its kind. Shirley is a popular speaker at Garden and Flower Shows, Garden Clubs and Senior Organizations.



Ophoenix is a charitable organization dedicated to assisting patients recovering from disabling medical conditions to leave the hospital if needed, and re-integrate into the community. Utilizing both new and traditional technologies, our goal is to enable these “patients” to become productive members of the community and realize their full potential as individuals.


The Patterson Network Project

Named after Richard Patterson, former Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s SCI Peer Support Coordinator, the Patterson Network Project aims to create a robust and Bay Area-wide forum for the SCI community. The site’s primary objective is to allow its users to contribute content and resources that positively affect everyone who is living with SCI. It can be found at https://patterson-net.org.

The Accesscat Server Project

The Accesscat server project is a joint project of Ophoenix and two other founders. The server provides web sites, email accounts, and other internet services to disabled individuals and to nonprofits that serve the disabled and other marginalized groups.

Accessible Gardens Web Site

The AccessibleGardens.org web site strives to be a unique, non-commercial website that connects people of all abilities with the tools they need to create an accessible garden of any size. The site contains instructions for laying out and building accessible gardens, including garden plans, videos, and links. Plus nearly everything else that might be needed by anybody to make their garden accessible for themselves and their visitors.

Community outreach, education, and publications

This program is oriented towards increasing community awareness in order to gain support to help further the successful reintegration into society of the disabled and chronically ill. Through publications and presentations, we educate the public about the value of including disabled individuals in their community activities. We also work to help the public understand the value of funding rehabilitation and medical support, from the hospital to home care. The Ophoenix directors believe that prevention is a key ingredient in reducing the root cause of a significant number of disabilities, and each year our goals include making presentations to corporations (and their employees), schools, and other gatherings of the general public.

Partnerships with other nonprofit organizations

Ophoenix works towards building mutually beneficial arrangements with other related public benefit, not-for-profit, and nonprofit organizations. Because of our small size, we are be able to act quickly as compared to larger organizations. There are many other nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area performing related work, and our intention is to partner with these groups rather than compete with them.

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