Accessible Taxi Cabs in Seattle

seattle_taxiThe public transportation systems in Seattle, or any city, such as bus, light rail and may not take you all the way to your specific destination. Seattle, San Francisco and other hilly cities can mean having to go up steep hills, face blocks of stairs and other barriers. Your best answer may be a short taxi ride over or around the obstacles. Very steep hills may prove very difficult for even for the strongest manual wheelchairs users.

Ashley reports, “When I traveled to Seattle I found the need of a wheelchair accessible taxi necessary. The one that I used was Yellow Cabs Seattle and the phone number is 206-622-6500. One manual or electric wheelchair can sit in the converted back seat. Wheelchairs are then strapped down in four stops and a seatbelt is also installed. It’s the law that the cab driver use all equipment to secure your wheelchair but for some really short distances, I insisted on not having a seatbelt.”

For more information about traveling with your wheelchair, visit Ashley’s web site at, for tips and wonderful articles all about traveling and exploring the world in your wheelchair.

For more information or to find a wheelchair accessible taxi in your city, this link might help. taxi button

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