Disabled? Who Me?

Who is disabled? More than 55 million Americans!*

One in five adults in United States are classified as disabled.

Best chart 1One in 5 adults in the United States are classified as disabled by the 2010 Census. About 15% are obviously disabled and are using wheelchairs, canes, walkers or service dogs. More than 6% have invisible disabilities such as difficulty walking, climbing stairs, using their hands, lifting objects, difficulty hearing or mental limitations. The census defines disability as severe/not severe. The survey asked the participants about their difficulty with various common activities and designated severe as being unable to do the activity, and not severe, as able to do the activity but with difficulty.  Click chart to enlarge.

Aging Population = More Disabled

chart 2 a* As our population ages, the number of people over the age of 65 years will increase from 48 million in 2015 to more than 77 million in 2035. As bodies grow older, the percent that become disabled also increases.  Click chart to enlarge.

best chart 2Gardening is most popular hobby in the world.

People of all ages love to work in their gardens, benefiting from the fresh air, beauty and exercise. Some grow their own food while others specialize in certain plants or trees. Gardening is the most popular hobby in the world. It is a universal language that can be enjoyed by everyone. But as we age – or as our disabilities worsen, accommodations to our physical or mental  limitations must be made.

Our Website Helps Older Gardeners

Our website is all about these accommodations. If you no longer can bend down to the ground, then you bring the garden up to you. If you no longer have the strength in your hands to grasp or use cutting tools we will suggest tools and strategies to assist you as you tend to your gardens. Questions and answers from new and experienced gardeners will contribute to lively discussions and sharing of photos, experiences and strangers will become friends.

Share Your Garden with Our site.

Share your questions, comments and photographs of your garden. If you have plants in your garden that need identifying, we have many experts who can help identify them. Photos always help and you can use your iPhone, tablet or ? to send them to us. If you can’t get into the garden, check out our e-catalog menu item, down load a seed catalog and enjoy the photographs, learn about new plants and how to cultivate plants and vegetables for your table. Most of the catalogs will mail you a copy of their catalog free of charge and some will ship catalogs and seeds and plants internationally.


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