Easy Peasy Gardening – Growing Lemongrass – Planting in Soil

Easy Peasy Gardening – Growing Lemongrass
Part Two, How to Plant Rooted Stalks.

  • When the stalks have rooted in water, it is time to move them up to individual pots with soil.

  • Any container can be used for planting rooted stalks into soil. Containers must have drainage holes in the bottom of the container.

  • New or reused plastic pots can be used. Yogurt, food containers, bottoms of plastic soda bottles as well as milk cartons also work, don’t forget the drainage holes.

  • Bagged potting soil can be purchased for the new plants, any good quality is fine. Clean, pest free garden soil can also be used.

container half filled with moist soil.

Fill container half way with moistened potting soil, pat down gently to settle soil.

photo showing tiny new plant emerging from end of stalk

Tall new plant ready to move to soil.

This stalk has many new roots and a new plant growing out of the root base. Special care must be taken to plant in soil without damaging new plant.

Wearing gloves while potting plants is always a good idea.

Gloves should be worn while handling all new plants. Gently hold new plant to the side while carefully adding moistened soil.

Photo: How to firmly but gently tap the soil to settle and water- in the new lemongrass plant.

Firmly but gently tap the soil to settle and water- in the new lemongrass plant.

Photo: Several potted-up plants in sun.

Newly potted-up (planted) lemongrass. These will be taken indoors for winter, and placed outside in a sunny location when all chance of frost in over. Some will be placed in large containers, some in the garden and others for friends or sent to a local food bank.

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