Easy Peasy – Sprouts (everything old is new again)

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Different types of sprouts

Let’s grow sprouts – easy, quick, economical and tasty! *

What are sprouts?
– Sprouts are seeds that have germinated and become very young plants.

How to grow them……
– Sprouts are easily grown in containers with water rinses. No soil needed.
– Sprout Basics – Short Version 
– Sprouts 101  – Everything you need to grow Sprouts   Read more……….

How to get started……
– Start Small – there are many options for seeds.
– We suggest choosing one pack of seeds or a starter kit.
– Kits make it easy to sample several types. Link to 12 kits 8 sampler packs
– Containers – plastic or glass most used. Mason jars will work and are economical. .You will need a top that will allow drainage.

Where to buy supplies?
Sources for Organic Non-GMO seeds on line
1. Sproutpeople     www.sproutpeople.org – our partners for this post
2. Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds     www.sprouting.com
3. The Sprout House       https://sprouthouse.com/

Are they nutritious?
“Despite being low in calories, sprouts are a rich source of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Their vitamin and mineral content varies based on the variety”

Are they safe?
“When it comes to sprouts, organic is even a bigger deal. Sprouts have been blamed for several food-borne illness “outbreaks” (see our food safety page) over the past decade, and it has been true in EVERY case, that the seed used was NOT organic.”

Organic seeds are a must! Read More……..  Organic seeds are a must!

*Our Partner* For this post we are partnering with Gil Frishman, www.sproutpeople.org. Sproutpeople has been selling organic sprouts and seeds since 1993. They are a family owned business and we are proud to be associated with their company. We do not receive a commission nor any monies from sales of your purchases. All text in quotes (“”) is from their website, as well as sprout photographs – all with their permission.

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