Garden Photographs

The Birds and the Bees

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Close-up and Personal, a prickly proposition!

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Creepy Crawlies – Arachnid Acrobatics

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2 Responses to Garden Photographs

  1. Ron Sidell says:

    I just watched the spider photos; wow! I was left wondering if I was seeing a sequence of pictures presented to me in the order they were taken, or in a random order. Either way, a fascinating and gruesome set of photos. If possible, it would be great to see some of the details about the pictures. Things like how close you were to spidey, and what kind of bug was she sucking on. And more might be solicited from the readers, such as “what kind of spider is that?” Just thinking “out loud,” if typing counts as out loud.

    If I could assign tags to this comment, they would be:
    photos, spiders, slide_shows

    • shirleysidell11 says:

      I was about one foot from the spider using a Nikon 105 Micro lens. The order of the photos is random. The bug was a honey bee, caught in the web and then wrapped up, after it seemed to be poisoned by the spider. Maybe a visitor can explain how the spider can trap a large bee and what species of spider this is. One of these photos makes a great desktop photo – if you don’t want anyone to use your computer!

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