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€˜What is an accessible garden?€™ What are the benefits of gardening?  €˜Why do people garden?€™ and €˜Can I really still work in the garden even though I am physically challenged?€™

We want everyone to feel free to join in our discussions. If you have any photos of your gardens or how you have brought gardening into your life or the live of a loved one – this is the place to share those ideas with others.

For a super quick start – click – Tips for Gardeners.

We are featuring two working gardens built by disabled gardeners, Simon Raulstone and Josh Spece.

accessible low garden boxes

Simon and his productive raised beds.

The first, is Simon’s fabulous vegetable garden and its progress over a two year span with photographs from Year 1, and  Year 2.

The second is Josh Spece’s successful garden that turned into a business! The gardens are beautiful, well cared for and very productive. Visit their gardens, websites and leave a message to congratulate them on their wonderful gardens.

Josh for website

Josh in the Garden Shop

This is just a small section of the gift shop in Josh’s garden shop.

Many Seed Catalogs are listed on the Resources page. Catalogs are a wonderful source of information, photos and introductions of new vegetables and plants for your garden. On dark winter days dream of spring planting and fall harvest of your vegetables. The mouth-watering photos in the catalogs will tell you how and where to plant for success.

Taller Beds Mean No Bending

Being outdoors is healthy and working in the garden gives meaning to the lives of all people, regardless of age, physical challenges, mental challenges or where they live.  We hope that this site will encourage everyone to get back to growing and nurturing plants and flowers.

Please let us know if there is any other subjects that you would like to see on this blog. Send us your story, photographs or articles that you would like share. We reserve the right to edit material that is submitted.

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