How do I start my Accessible Garden

wheelchair gardenerFree eBook, Gardening for Every Body

The best place to start redesigning your garden to make it safer and easier to work in, is to download the eBook, Gardening for Every Body, written by the the University of Missouri Extension, with 129 pages packed full of information, plans, links to other sources and wonderful ideas to get you started on your garden or for a loved one or a client. Chapters include: Container Gardening, Raised Beds, Pathways Trellis, Health and Safety, Gardening with Arthritis and Gardening for All ages and Abilities and many more.

Happy gardenerDo it Yourself Raised Beds Manual, Free eBook full of ideas and plans.

There are many ideas and plans for Raised Beds. Our favorite place to start is, The Food Project€™s Do it Yourself Raised Beds Manual, a free eBook for you to download and print to use as a guide. This 14 page manual covers subject such as: materials, including wood, cement, cinder blocks, stone and/or straw. Also covered are the various sizes of the beds, soil and what to grow.

Detailed Instructions – Plans and Ideas for
Your Accessible Gardenhappy gardener 2

For more ideas, plans and instructions try these links.  Barrier Free Gardens Guide, 24 pages of fabulous help to make your garden safe and accessible. How to Build Raised Beds, 8 pages of plans and detailed instructions.  How to Build Multi Tiered Garden Beds, plan on getting some help with these beds. Materials may be heavy and difficult for one person to construct.  Gardening with Seniors, special ways to adapt your garden to the older gardener or to make gardening easier no matter your age or limitations.

table bed with chairRaised Beds in Many Shapes and Sizes

Raised Beds can be Do-it-Yourself projects or purchased on line and sent directly to your home. Raymond LaRocque, a featured gardener on our site is the creator of beautiful, well designed and tested  Table Gardens that will bring the ground up to you so there is no bending down to ground level. For a list of companies that make raised beds or Table Gardens. Many sizes, materials, prices and custom designs are available.

blocks bricks stonebottles plastic pots

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