Pullit DIY

 How to make your Pullit

Every body needs help in the garden now and then. Here is an easy to make and use helper for all kinds of chores.  Here are instructions to turn a plastic sled into a device that can be used to easily pull heavy or awkward items across your yard.  We call these a Pullit or Pullits for plural.

We have used it to move everything from bags of soil to heavy boulders. It works, costs just a few dollars and stores easily. The directions are simple to follow and are included below.

We use a disc or toboggan shaped plastic snow sled. They can be bought new or if you are lucky you might find one in a thrift shop or garage sale.

New sleds can be purchased on line at many sites like Amazon, or sport shops.
They come in various colors, styles and prices.

If you find a sled with holes for the pull rope that is a good way to start. If the handles are raised off the sled, then you will not need to drill at all. But, it is easy to drill.

No hard and fast rules for holes – one or two for each rope works just fine. Just make sure the hole is large enough to easily pull the rope through.

If you use plastic rope or cord, melt the end of the rope so it does not unravel.
Be very careful and use gloves. The melted plastic is very hot and will burn your fingers.

The Pullit is easy to make and easy to use. The side tie downs are optional but help to stabilize large loads.

Samples of Pullits

Our Garden Club made these in two hours and had a great time on the project.

It Works!

Send us photos of your Pullit in action. Send to outreach @ accessiblegardens.org  (Please remove spaces)

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Jimi Hendrix Park- A Park Every Body Can Enjoy!

Seattle and the World Celebrate!

Opening Day Poster for Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle, WA on 6/17/2017

Grand Opening Day poster for Jimi Hendrix Park

June 17, 2017 was the celebration of the opening of the Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle WA. The park was many years in development and required donations from large organizations as well as thousands of small donations from Jimi fans worldwide.

Jimi Hendrix Park is located in the heart of Seattle’s vibrant Central District (2400 South Massachusetts Street), a thriving multi-cultural community rich in heritage. Nestled adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum and grounds of former Colman School, Jimi Hendrix Park will be a primary focal point for multi-cultural events, gatherings, and activities for the community.

The landscape architects Murase Associates, designers of  the park, specifically included ADA (Americans with  Disabilities Act) compliance standards. Gentle slopes, graceful wide pathways and barrier free access to the garden from the parking lot are all included. The design, inspired by guitars and his music is a testament to his influence to the music world and celebrates the hometown of our own “West coast Seattle Boy”.

Jimi Hendrix Park – Schematic Design

Jimi Hendrix Park – Schematic Design (October 2013)


Jimi Hendrix Park Butterfly Garden

An informative sign describing the Jimi Hendrix butterfly garden and the many benneficial tasks performed by butterflies, bees, and othe polinators.

Jimi Hendrix Butterfly Garden

A photo of a zebra with artistically colored butterflies

Butterflies and Zebras


Butterflies and zebras
And moonbeams and fairy tales
That’s all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind.

Jimi Hendrix

Butterfly Color Book – click to color your own Butterfly page

Read More ……..
Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation Brochure   – Click to view/download

Opening Day Chalk Art Contest    – Click to view/download

Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation Web Site   – Click to view/download

Note: accessiblegardens.org would like to thank the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation for permission to use their photographs and texts in this post.

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New Butterfly Color Book

New – Butterfly Color Pages

Click here to download Butterfly Color Pages

Need some inspiration for colors to use?
Click here for hundreds of photographs of butterflies.

Coloring using color pens.
Coloring using EZ Paint Program or Word Paint

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Seed Images – Printable Drawings of Hundreds of Seeds

Printable Seed Drawings – 30 pages

The following drawings were published in 1937. Most seeds can be identified using these images. They are not only accurate but beautiful and may be used for teaching, crafting or classroom projects.
Click here to download.

Sample Pages: View 2 sample pages below.



 Click here to download all pages

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Seed Sowing and Growing Database

Printable Database for all (almost) seeds.

The following data is provided by Thompson & Morgan, Successful Seed Raising Guide. This guide is out of print.
Click here to download.

Sample Pages: View all three pages below

Slide 2

slide 3

Click here to download all pages

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