Don’t forget to feed the Hummingbirds!

Happy New Year, 2017

Accessible Gardens wishes you and your loved ones and very happy and healthy new year.

image of a hummingbird drinking from a feeder.

Don’t forget to keep nectar in your hummingbird feeders and make sure it doesn’t freeze.  You can make your own nectar with 1/4 cup of cane (not beet) sugar to 1 cup of water. Do not use red food coloring, or any other food coloring.  It’s detrimental to hummingbird health and can have fatal results.”

Please keep the feeders clean — without soap. You can use a 50/50 (equal parts water and vinegar) mixture of white vinegar and water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the feeder if you decide to use vinegar.

Outreach says “During really cold spells wrap Christmas lights (the old style, not-LED) against and around the feeder.  Make sure that the ports are clear. The heat from the lights is enough to keep a full feeder from freezing, down to about 18-19 degrees F.”

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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for your Favorite Gardener

If you’ve come here looking for the April 2017 post about seed drawings and identification, an error has occurred.  Please click here to view the seed drawings post.

red-gift-boxA wish list of assist tools for all Gardeners

We all need help at one time or another and physical issues can turn our gardening chores into painful experiences. Assist tools and equipment can increase hand strength, increase your reach and ease sore muscles, making ordinary chores enjoyable again.

You can view the slide show below or download the PDF, Assist Tools Shopping List where you can print one or more pages.  Give a copy to family and friends who want to give you a personal and meaningful Christmas Gift. Need to replace old or worn tools, this list will show you newly developed ideas to help you become more efficient, with less effort in your garden.

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Soar in the clouds – Lift your holiday spirits

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
We could float among the stars together, you and I
For we can fly, we can fly!

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How Tulips can help in the fight against Childhood Brain Tumors


A graphic that says "Tulips Against Tumors" and "to benefit national Brain Tumor Society"

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) and you can help in the fight by purchasing and planting Tulips.

After watching our slide show of the tulip fields near Mt Vernon in WA, we hope that you  will be inspired to hop on over to the tulips-against-tumors site to order some tulips that are non Genetically Modified, pesticide free bulbs.

Planting tulips with your children, grand children, or other young family members is an excellent annual activity to teach kids about gardening and about helping others through fundraising activities.  It’s also a great way to remember a loved one or friend who’s succumbed to brain cancer.

From the  Tulips Against Tumors web site:

Founded in 2005, the Kelly Heinz-Grundner Brain Tumor Foundation (KHG) partners with the National Brain Tumor Society to honor Kelly Heinz-Grundner who passed away in 2005 after a courageous two-year fight against a brain tumor. Kelly’s love of tulips inspired the 11 year tradition of selling tulips to support brain tumor research for treatments, and one day a cure. Read more About Tulips Against Tumors…

For other fun activities to teach youngsters about gardening, we have anatomically accurate coloring books with hundreds of pages of wildflowers that are ready to be printed and then given to any young artist or coloring enthusiast.  You can find the starting point for the color books on our color book page at: this color book link.

We hope that you can help in the fight against childhood brain tumors fundraising drive by visiting the Tulips Against Tumors site and purchasing some tulips.  Please make your donation in honor of  accessiblegardens if you don’t have anyone specific to honor.


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Quick Connects

How to Use Quick Connects

Slide Show – click on right or left arrow to advance slide show.

Click to go to on line vendors.




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