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Tips on garden design for all disabled gardeners – Carry on Gardening
Read Thrive’s top tips on garden design for disabled people and gardeners. We can help you garden with one hand, a weak grip, sitting,no bending, after stroke, 

Gardening for People with DisabilityDisabled World
Gardening for people with disabilities or seniors with mobility impairments can be achieved with the use of special adapted tools that are designed for people to 

Alzheimer’s Garden Planning–Garden Plans for Dementia–Garden
Nov 24, 2006 – If you have designed a garden to cater for someone with dementia or to cater for disabilities we would love to see the results Send e-photos to 

Special Needs Garden Ideas: Designing Gardens For Kids With …  
The first step in planning a garden for kids with disabilities is to assess the range of Well-designed sensory gardens are also relaxing and educational.

An Exploratory Study of Sensory Gardens – Fandango Design 
€Žby H Hussein –  €ŽRelated articles   and the author of the book, ‘Landscape Design for Elderly and Disabled. People’, Stoneham stated that the initial idea of sensory gardens derived from the.

Green Circle Garden: Raised Bed Garden Planters
Green Circle Garden is a Raised Bed Garden Planter designed to enable gardening for the elderly and the disabled. Horticultural Therapy for the family.

Enabling Garden Design | People Plant Council
Enabling Garden Design. Millions of individuals with disabilities garden or would garden if given greater accessibility to tools and techniques that would facilitate 

Gardens for People with Disabilities – Accessible Gardens
Gardens for People with Disabilities. Astute observations and an informed approach go further than official guidelines when designing private or public places 



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