Where to Buy Raised Beds

access gard logo  http://www.accessiblegardens.com/index.php

 The simple genius of Accessible Gardens  is to raise gardening to a new level, enabling everyone  regardless of age or physical limitation to discover the pure enjoyment of gardening or to continue to reap its rewards.
Your source for: ADA Compliant Raised Garden Beds


Standing Garden  http://www.gardeners.com/Elevated-Gardening/ElevatedGardening_Cat,default,sc.html

Elevated Raised Beds  Elevated garden beds eliminate the need to bend or kneel and make it convenient to plant, tend and harvest plants. Enjoy pain-free, stand-up gardening by growing vegetables and flowers in our Elevated Raised Beds, VegTrug Patio Gardens, Standing Garden and other easy-care raised planters.


Heritage 1.8m Manger Raised Vegetable Bed  http://www.internetgardener.co.uk/category/raised-vegetable-beds/

UK Company,  Quality Raised Vegetable Beds Here at The Internet Gardener, we stock a multitude of raised vegetable beds for your garden at affordable prices. Raised vegetable beds are incredibly popular for growing vegetables and creating an instant raised garden; as they are the perfect vessel to effectively grow your own in.

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