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carryon logoCarry on Gardening, has all the tools, tricks and sites to help make your gardening pleasureful rather than painful. If you are looking for a specialized tool, or want to learn what is available, this is the place to start your search.

Click on any of these links to learn more. Check out the list, More Sources to find a supplier in the US along with ideas to make your gardening even more enjoyable.

Awesome Tools

Gardening tools including the EasyWeeder and Close Cultivator, the Scarecrow. Barbecue accessories, tool storage units, and pest control items.

Axes from Gransfors Bruk
Handmade in Sweden these Axes are made for hard labour as well as pleasure.

Best Buds Gardening
Retreat to your garden with tools, supplies and accessories.

BG Hand Tools
A galvanized steel scoop that is a useful hand tool for masonry contractors and gardeners.

Brewer Design Service Inc.
Manufacturer of the deep digger trowel and the Freedom Ring flag pole accessories, and retailer of concrete statuary.

Corona Clipper
A leading manufacturer of lawn and garden pruning tools for professionals and serious DIY gardeners.

Deep Digger Garden Trowel
A garden tool that will not break or bend in the hardest soil guaranteed.

Earthway Outlet Store
Featuring precision garden seeder, seeders, spreaders, accessories and parts.

Easier gardening with Goserud
Hand crafted garden hoes.

Easy Digging
A very low-cost gardening tool that takes the back and leg pain out of planting a garden.

Trailers and large barrows for the garden and work place.

Faber Bag and Supply Company
Online sales of garden tools and nursery supplies. Information regarding burlap, sand and a variety of other bags.

Felco Store
Great Gardeners Use Felco Tools

Florian Ratchet Cut
A range of tools that “multiply your strength up to 7 times.”

Garden & Decorator Wood Products Inc.
Supplies garden tools, outdoor equipment and hardware to Europe, America, Australia, etc.

Garden Weasel
New garden product.

OEM supplier of home and gardening products shipping worldwide. With specialization in manufacturing of garden tools and outdoor furniture.

Hearts in the garden
Our heart shaped garden tool makes weeding, edging and sod removal easy.

Hida Tool
High quality Japanese gardening tools for bonsai, ikebana (flower arrangement), and professional gardener and landscaper.

Joshua Roth
Japanese tools, supplies and accessories providing assistance in selecting Bonsai products appropriate to each enthusiasts needs.
Outdoor tools at down to earth prices. Professional landscape tools for the serious gardener

Leaf and Trash Bagger
Allows you to easily bag leaves, yard debris or garbage without ever touching it.

Longnecker Garden Tools
Unique design and durable construction make these tools efficient and durable.

Maxadyne Wheel Hoe
Offers the wheel hoe, a garden weeder and cultivator.

Orchards Edge
ARS pruning and garden products, articles and resources. Pruning shears, scissors, bonsai tools, loppers, long reach pruners, hedges trimmers, garden snips, pole saws and much more.

Manufacturer of field and garden hoes, made from the recycled, tempered steel of a disc blade.

Reel Mowers, Etc.
People powered cordless electric self-propelled reels greens and gang reel mowers, and several other Earth-friendly home and garden products.

Tools and equipment for the professional landscaper, greenhouse operator, farmer, greenskeeper and the home gardener.

Scythe Supply
Complete selection of scythes, blades, snaths, whetstones, sharpening equipment, information and advice.

Hand operated wood splitting tool that is a safe and easy woodsplitter for anyone to use.

Lawn edger/sod cutter to reshape your lawn, flower beds, shrubs, trees. Life time guarantee.

The Log Roller
Tongs allow the home firewood cutter to roll heavy firewood logs with ease and control.

The Organic Co.
Manufacturer specializing in garden and field tools. Row crop and harvesting tools, hoes, knives and shovels.

The Rain Stick Watering Tool
A new personal garden tool or gift for watering any house plant or garden plant.The Rainstick controls water flow, improves plant growth and is suitable for any gardener.

The Scythe Source
We offer scythes, snaths, blades, nibs and accessories.

The Urban Compost Tumbler and Rain Barrel
A rain barrel for water storage and water, and a compost tumbler diversion with a unique core aeration.

Trail Blazer
A manufacturer of knives, saws, tree loppers and extension poles. Describes company history, the products, links to dealers and gives contact details.

Wheelbarrow Conversion Kit turns a wheelbarrow into a versatile work cart for lawn and garden, farm, construction, landscape nursery, orchards or stables.

Valley Oak Tool Company
Partnering with gardeners and farmers to create sustainable ecological harmony by providing unique, high quality, environmentally friendly tools.

Weed Bandit
Acclaimed by national horticulturalists as the best for removing weeds without breaking your back.

Weed Twister
Specialized tool for removing weeds.

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