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Quick Start for Your Accessible Garden

  Increase Your Hand Strength Use gloves with sticky surface. Build up handle to make it fatter by using bicycle grips, foam, or pipe insulation wrap. Support the wrist with cock-up splints; think about enabling garden tools that are ergonomically… Continue Reading Quick Start for Your Accessible Garden

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Container Gardening Details

Container Gardening – Necessity or Not – A great way to grow tasty food. FOR SOME gardeners, growing vegetables in containers is a necessity. City-dwellers make use of rooftops, balconies, alleyways, sidewalks or whatever little space they have available. Gardeners… Continue Reading Container Gardening Details

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Butterfly Garden Basics

How to Start a Butterfly Garden Beginning a butterfly garden can be as simple as choosing flowering plants that will invite adult butterflies to your garden to feed. But if you want to create a butterfly garden that will act… Continue Reading Butterfly Garden Basics

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Bible Garden – How to Start

PLANTS IN THE BIBLE     F. Nigel Hepper Taken from HOLMAN’S BIBLE DICTIONARY… By plants we include all plant life such as wild and cultivated trees, shrubs, and herbs. LILY and Rose Red lips of Song of Solomon 5:13 indicate a… Continue Reading Bible Garden – How to Start

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Bible Garden Designs

Building your own Biblical Garden by F. Nigel Hepper Click here to View the sample Bible garden design. Happily there are no hard and fast rules to follow – in fact there are really no rules at all related to… Continue Reading Bible Garden Designs

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