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Blind Gardener, Voracious Reader

Optacon, Braille Typewriter and Internet aid the sight impaired. For Ellen Di Nardo, a longtime gardener blind since age 4, touch is the primary way of navigating the world. She is a voracious reader on gardening subjects, using an Optacon–a… Continue Reading Blind Gardener, Voracious Reader

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Limited Sight, Unlimited Gardener

Keeping the Garden Alive Northern Michigan gardener Connie Payne is legally blind from a condition known as retinitis pigmentosa. Her vision is limited to a small central spot, which is also imperfect. But as her vision has deteriorated, she has… Continue Reading Limited Sight, Unlimited Gardener

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Living With Vision Loss

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence.  Helen Keller Losing your vision never has to mean losing your independence or holding back from doing the things you love to do. At… Continue Reading Living With Vision Loss

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In Their Own Words – Sharing Experiences

In Their Own Words – Sharing Experiences  Ellen Di Nardo, blind since the age of four (more recently she lost her sense of smell), uses touch as the primary way she navigates the world. Ellen is in sole charge of… Continue Reading In Their Own Words – Sharing Experiences

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How I became a gardener. By Ellen Di Nardo

Getting ready for the growing season. Right after the beginning of the year I go through my seed collection and make notes on a document on the computer as to what I need to order for the year, both seeds… Continue Reading How I became a gardener. By Ellen Di Nardo

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