Theme Gardens

Theme Gardens are as old as civilization. Early man planted gardens for food,

Any garden organized around some unifying idea is a theme garden. A theme garden could also showcase an interest such as history, traveling, particular colors, attracting birds & butterflies, specific plants, or attracting insects and pollinators.


Is it a Rock Garden or Container Garden? Showcase your passions.


Here are some great Theme Garden ideas:

Butterfly Gardens DSC_2075 red small

A butterfly garden adds the winged beauty of butterflies to the loveliness of the flowers themselves. and it can provide important habitat for butterflies. A good butterfly garden has both host plants and nectar plants. It should also have plenty of sun, shelter from wind, a damp area, shrubs and trees for overnight roosting and rocks for basking.

To learn more about Butterfly Gardens click on these links to beautiful PDF files. These can be downloaded to view off line.

Butterfly Garden Basics
How to start your own Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Sightings – Photos and Locations
FABULOUS link to beautiful photographs of many Butterflies and their locations.

Fluttering Through Gardening – Creating a Butterfly Garden – Extensive Document
BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR BACKYARD – Great information for beginners
Butterfly Gardening Fact Sheet – Four pages, good for kids


 mint 2014-09-22_17-43-14Bible Gardens

A Bible Garden is any garden that includes plants that are mentioned in the Bible. More than 125 plants, trees and herbs are noted in scriptures.

“A special-theme garden deserves special attention from the outset. The simplest way is to adapt your existing garden by inter-planting it with biblical species and labeling them accordingly. This is what I do in my own garden at home. I have several small patches here and there devoted to particular species, as it is inappropriate, for instance, to have onions and other vegetables in the herbaceous border. I also separate the cereals and inter-sow them with this-tiles and poppies to form an attractive mini-cornfield.”*
*Building your own Biblical Garden by F. Nigel Hepper

Learn More about Bible Gardens. Plant lists and Bible references.

Bible Garden Sample Plan – F. Nigel Hepper
Biblical Botany – James Duke, Ph. D.
All the Plants of the Bible, List of Biblical plants for modern gardens, L. J. Musselman, Ph. D.

For a fine website on Biblical Botanical Gardens, one that offers plant and planting advice, archaeological and historic insights, and the occasional spirited discussion, go to the website of the Biblical Botanical Gardens Society- USA at


Bonsai Gardenssm AN1_9047 Chinese Juniper

Have you ever seen a bonsai plant? It looks like a miniature tree; in fact, it can even be as small as your hand! Bonsai is the Japanese art of creating growing tiny trees in a type of tray.
As far back as the 1100s, there has been evidence of Japanese people cultivating miniature trees. Over the centuries, they developed many ways to perfect this art. They are very pretty to look at and even more fun to grow.

There are many special techniques and methods that must be used when sm AN1_9084 143 Golden Atlas Cedar  Cedrus atlantica 'aurea'growing a bonsai. With some careful planning, even you could try growing one of your own!

The art of bonsai involves the bringing together of tree and pot in visual harmony. Bonsai may have one or more trees, these being referred to as group plantings. Trees in a group planting should be of the same species, mixed species plantings with rocks and ornamental figures are called ‘Saikei’

Learn how to grow your own Bonsai







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