Biblical Garden – How to start

How do I start?

1. Read, Building your own Biblical Garden, by F. Nigel Hepper
Click above for a complete guide to designing and building your own Biblical Garden.

Mr. Hepper is a leading authority on Bible Gardens and the author of many books on the subject.. Download and print a copy for your personal use.

2. Look up your plants on our Biblical Plant List

Select the plants that will grow in your area. Review the entire list for familiar plants, shrubs and trees that will thrive in
your area and consider adding these to your present garden.

Congratulations! You have started your own Biblical Garden!

3. Determine your Climate

4. Gather a group of volunteers
Many people will want to help. Just ask.
Share all of the plans with your group.

5. Design your plant labels
Include the following

 Name of plant, – Botanical – Common
Biblical Reference
Other information if needed
Print Database lists for the selected information


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